The Hungarian Sources is a B2B business portal which makes the products and services of the companies working in the hungarian support industry successful in the international market. The Hungarian Sources want to become the leader business to business company of Europe.
The Med from Hungary is the main pillar of Hungarian sources which has the purpose of introducing medical and medical educational devices into the international market.

The development of medical devices and educational products can achieve worldwide success in the healthcare'renewal with the help of Hungarian experts'knowledge, excellent skills,innovative ideas.

We push forward economic develop strengthening the relationship of the international market and hungarian companies producting quality products.
We present these results on international markets,exhibitions and own providing events.

After the preliminary studies and surveys our work is to be continuously developed by monitoring, preparing statistics,reports,research reports. With digital magazines,online exhibitions combined with internationally recognized educational trainings we offer integrated marketing solutions and direct the Hungarian companies towards the international recognition and growing profit.

We put emphasis on the healthcare research projects and their results on our portal supported by Med from Hungary.

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